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How to keep 1Password up to date in your browser

You can make sure your browser automatically updates the 1Password extension when a new version is available.

1Password is not installed in your browser. Install it now.


1Password for Safari is included with 1Password 7 and later and automatically updated with the app. Learn how to keep 1Password up to date.

Get help if you can’t install the 1Password 6 extension in Safari on your Mac.


Chrome will automatically update the extension to the latest version. To check which version you have installed:

  1. Click the Chrome menu    in the toolbar and choose More Tools > Extensions.
  2. Find the 1Password extension and click Details to see the version number.

the 1Password extension on the Chrome Extensions page


To make sure Firefox is automatically updating the 1Password extension:

  1. Click the Firefox menu in the toolbar and choose Add-ons.
  2. Find 1Password in the list and click More to see the version number.
  3. Click the gear icon and turn on Update Add-ons Automatically. To check for updates immediately, click the gear icon and choose Check for Updates.

the 1Password extension on the Firefox Extensions page

Internet Explorer

The 1Password extension for Internet Explorer can only be used with 1Password 4 for Windows. It’s updated along with the application, so you don’t need to update it separately. Learn how to keep 1Password up to date.