Saving and filling passwords

If you see “unsecured HTTP page” when trying to fill a password

Get help when 1Password warns you that a website isn’t secure.

About the message

For your protection, 1Password will warn you if you try to sign in to a page that begins with http:// but your Login item for the website starts with https:// (with the S).

The S at the end stands for secure, and it’s always better to sign in securely.

Password warning: This is an unsecured (HTTP) page, and any information you submit can potentially be seen and changed by others. Do you still wish to fill this item?

What you should do

If you see this message, click Cancel. Then visit the website saved in your Login item because it already begins with https://. Or try adding the s in your browser’s address bar to change http:// to https:// yourself.

If you visited the website using a bookmark in your browser, update the bookmark. Then you’ll always go to the secure page.

Still need help?

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