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How to choose a good Master Password

Use the 1Password password generator to make sure that your Master Password is unique, random, and memorable.


You can change your Master Password if you already have one that you want to improve.

Your Master Password protects everything you store in 1Password, so it’s important to choose a good one. Your Master Password should be unique, random, and memorable, and using the 1Password password generator will guarantee that it is.

Your Master Password should be unique

The most common way attackers gain access to personal information is by obtaining a password you use for one account – often one that isn’t protected as well – and trying to use it for your other accounts. That’s why all your passwords should be unique, and this is especially true for your Master Password.

Use a Master Password that’s never been used anywhere else.

Your Master Password should be random

The tools that attackers use to guess passwords are designed to account for all the tricks we use when we come up with passwords ourselves. When our passwords are analyzed by computers, they aren’t as random as we’d like to think they are. Let your computer suggest a password that’s stronger than the attackers’ tools.

Use a Master Password that was suggested by a password generator.

Your Master Password should be memorable

A unique and random password will thwart attackers, but it’s important that you don’t thwart yourself. For your privacy and security, no one at 1Password can access your Master Password or recover your account. That’s why your Master Password should be one you won’t ever forget.

Use a Master Password that you can remember:

  • Use spaces or hyphens between words to make your Master Password easier to type.
  • Practice your new Master Password regularly.
  • Write down your Master Password until you’ve committed it to memory.
  • Write your Master Password in your Emergency Kit and keep it somewhere safe.

Your Master Password doesn’t have to meet any specific requirements for numbers, symbols, or capital letters. If you’re not comfortable using them, don’t.

Use the 1Password password generator

The best Master Password is one you don’t choose yourself. Use the 1Password password generator to create a unique, random, and memorable Master Password.


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