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About Spotlight security in 1Password on iPhone and iPad

Learn how 1Password protects your data when you enable Spotlight to find 1Password items on your iOS device.

When you enable Spotlight, you can search for 1Password items without even opening the 1Password app. Because you can find your items so easily, you can use generated passwords for more apps and services than you otherwise might have, which means you can be more secure in more places.

Your secrets are safe in 1Password

1Password safely encrypts all your information. Spotlight only has access to item names and vault names, which need to be indexed outside 1Password to be displayed in search results.

Your Master Password still protects your data

Just as Apple has designed Spotlight to only work when your device is unlocked, using Spotlight with 1Password does not bypass your Master Password or undermine the security of 1Password. Your data is encrypted with your Master Password, and that remains true even with Spotlight enabled.

You can tell 1Password to automatically lock when you leave the app or after a specific amount of time. In 1Password, tap Settings > Security. You’ll find several settings and options:

  • Lock Now. 1Password will lock, and if Touch ID or Face ID is enabled, it will even be temporarily disabled until your Master Password is entered.
  • Lock on Exit: Lock 1Password every time you leave the app or lock your device.
  • Auto-Lock: Lock 1Password after the specified amount of time has elapsed.

Protect yourself when using Spotlight

The advantages of using Spotlight outweigh the risks for most folks. Follow these tips to stay safe with Spotlight:

  • Don’t share your device passcode. If you enable Spotlight in 1Password, it’s important that you guard your device passcode as closely as your Master Password. Anyone who knows your device passcode can find out the names of items and vaults in 1Password.

  • Remove any sensitive information from item and vault names. Before you enable Spotlight, make sure your item names don’t contain any sensitive information like email addresses, usernames, or passwords.

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