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If you see “1Password would like to record this screen” on your Mac

Get help when you’re asked to grant access for 1Password to record your screen.

About the message

In macOS Catalina and later, 1Password needs permission to scan Setup Codes and one-time password QR codes. When you attempt to scan one for the first time, you’ll be asked to grant 1Password access to record your screen.
The macOS prompt that says '1Password would like to record this comptuer's screen and audio.'

1Password never saves any screen or audio recordings, and no information ever leaves your computer.

What you should do

To grant 1Password access to scan Setup Codes and QR codes:

  1. When you’re asked to grant access, click Open System Settings.
  2. Click to turn on 1Password.
  3. Click Quit & Reopen.


You won’t be able to scan Setup Codes or QR codes until you restart 1Password.

Get more help

If nothing happens when you scan a code, make sure 1Password still has access to your screen:

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Settings.
  2. Click Privacy & Security in the sidebar, then click Screen Recording in the list.
  3. Click to turn on 1Password.
  4. Click Quit & Reopen.

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