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Save and fill passwords in your browser

Learn how to save passwords and sign in to your accounts on the web with 1Password.

Save a login

To save a login, enter your username and password. Then choose Save in 1Password.

You can edit the name of the login and the vault where you want to save it. Then click Save.

Saving a login inline with 1Password

Your web browser might also ask to save your passwords. Because you’re using 1Password, you don’t need to save your passwords in your browser. Learn how to turn off your browser’s password manager.

Sign in to a website

After you’ve saved your username and password for a website, 1Password can fill them for you.

On the sign-in page of a website, click the 1Password icon in the username or password field, then choose the login you want to fill.

If 1Password suggests more than one item, you can use the arrow keys to select the one you want. Or start typing to find it.

The 1Password icon in a form field


To open a website and fill your username and password, click the 1Password icon in your browser’s toolbar and select the login for that site. In the item details, click the website field.

Sign up for a new account on a website

1Password will create a strong password for you whenever you sign up for an account on a website.

  1. Enter your account details on the sign-up page.

    1Password may suggest usernames and email addresses from your Identity items.

  2. Click the 1Password icon in the password field and choose Use Suggested Password.

    If you don’t see Use Suggested Password, click the 1Password icon in your browser's toolbar. Click the 1Password in your browser menu and choose the Password Generator button Password Generator, then click Autofill.

  3. 1Password will ask you to save your new login. Click Save.

    If 1Password doesn’t ask you to save your new login, submit the form.

Use a suggested password

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You can also fill passwords:

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