Security and privacy

About rich icons and your privacy

Learn how 1Password provides icons for your logins and software licenses.

To make it easier to find your items in 1Password, you can add icons to them. When you use rich icons, 1Password automatically displays icons associated with your logins and software licenses.

  • Rich icons are provided by 1Password. 1Password downloads icons from two different cache servers, depending on which version of 1Password you’re using: (Cachefly) or (Cloudfront). Learn more about 1Password ports and domains.

  • Rich icon requests are not completely anonymous. When a rich icon request is made, the cache server receives the originating IP address, the domain or software license being requested, and the user agent. We can’t control what the cache server providers do with the data they receive or how well they protect it.

  • We remove and do not store personally identifiable information. We only receive requests for icons the cache server doesn’t have. We log each request so we know which icons to add, but only after we remove everything except the domain or software license title. This way, none of the information we store can connect an icon request to a specific person or computer.

Protect yourself when using rich icons

Icons you add to your items in 1Password are encrypted with the rest of your data. However, the rich icons that are automatically downloaded are not encrypted.

To prevent anyone from using rich icons to learn what you store in 1Password, follow these tips:

  • Don’t share the password you use to unlock your device. Anyone with access to your device could use your rich icons to learn which websites you have saved in 1Password.

  • Only use 1Password on trusted devices. Rich icons are only downloaded if you install and use 1Password. Your best defense is to only use 1Password on devices you trust and protect them from being compromised.

  • Protect backups of your device. It’s possible to view rich icons even if a backup is moved or restored to a device without 1Password.

You can also turn off rich icons:

  • Mac: Preferences > Privacy > “Show app and website icons”
  • iOS: Settings > General > Rich Icons
  • Windows: Settings > Privacy > “Show app and website icons”
  • Android: Settings > Display > “Show rich icons”
  • Linux: Settings > Privacy > “Show app and website icons”

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