Saving and filling passwords

If you used the password generator and can’t find the password to sign in

Get help when you used the password generator on a website but your new password wasn’t saved, or you can’t find it to sign in.

1Password keeps track of all the passwords you create with the password generator, so you can get them back if you didn’t have a chance to save them.

Step 1: Find the password

Whenever you use the password generator to fill a password on a website, 1Password will automatically save it as an item in the Passwords category.

  1. Open and unlock 1Password.
  2. Select the Passwords category.
  3. Select the Password item that corresponds to the website where you used the password generator.
  4. Click the password to copy it.

Step 2: Save the password

Now that you’ve copied the new password to the clipboard, here’s how to update your existing Login item with it.

  1. Select the Logins category.
  2. Select the Login item you want to update with the new password.
  3. Click Edit, then paste the password into the password field.
  4. Click Save.

You can now use the Login item to sign in using 1Password.