Security and privacy

1Password ports and domains

Learn which ports and domains 1Password uses, so you can make sure they’re accessible.

To use 1Password behind a firewall, add port 443 and the following domains to your whitelist:

Accounts on Accounts on Accounts on
* * *

Outbound connections

1Password makes outbound connections to the follow domains for the purposes described:

Serves as a download point for 1Password application updates.

Determines if an update is available for 1Password apps and provides download URLs for the update based on current 1Password build version and beta status.

Informs the 1Password apps when there may be new or modified items to download.

Provides the Watchtower database and serves as a download point for 1Password application updates.


Various subdomains on these domains are used for providing the service.

When enabled, the Vulnerable Passwords feature of Watchtower checks partial hashes of passwords against Have I Been Pwned using this domain. Learn more about Watchtower privacy.

Provides user content for 1Password accounts.

Provides user and vault avatars for 1Password accounts.

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