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1Password ports and domains

Learn which ports and domains 1Password uses, so you can make sure they’re accessible.

To use 1Password behind a firewall, add port 443 and the following domains to your whitelist:

Accounts on 1Password.comAccounts on 1Password.euAccounts on

Outbound connections

1Password makes outbound connections to the following domains for the purposes described:

* / .ca / .eu

Various subdomains on these domains provide the core 1Password service.


Various subdomains on this domain provide supporting services for 1Password, like Duo integration and subscription management.

* / .ca / .eu

Provides user content for 1Password accounts, like saved files and profile pictures.


Provides 1Password app updates.

Provides the vulnerable passwords feature in Watchtower using the Pwned Passwords service provided by Learn more about Watchtower privacy.

Provides crash report management for 1Password for Mac and iOS.

Provides support for Privacy Cards.,

Provides support for Masked Emails in Fastmail.,

Provides support for Brex virtual cards.

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