Saving and filling passwords

If you don’t see the 1Password button in your browser’s toolbar

Get help when the 1Password button is not showing up in your browser and you can’t save passwords or sign in to sites.

If you don’t see the 1Password button in your browser’s toolbar, make sure you have the latest version of the 1Password extension installed.

Install the 1Password extension

If the extension is already installed, but you don’t see the icon in your web browser, you can customize the toolbar to make it visible.


  1. Choose View > Customize Toolbar.
  2. Drag the 1Password button to the toolbar.
  3. Click Done.


  1. Click the Chrome menu    in the toolbar.
  2. Control-click or right-click the 1Password icon.
  3. Select Keep in Toolbar.


  1. Click the Firefox menu in the toolbar.
  2. Choose Customize.
  3. Drag 1Password to the toolbar.
  4. Click Exit Customize.

If you cannot add 1Password to the toolbar in Firefox

If you are unable to find 1Password or drag it to the toolbar in Firefox, you may have a corrupt Firefox profile. You should be able to get things working by creating a new profile in Firefox:

  1. Start the Firefox Profile Manager  
  2. Create a new profile in Firefox  
  3. Install the 1Password extension

Internet Explorer

The 1Password extension for Internet Explorer can only be used with 1Password 4 for Windows.

  1. Right-click anywhere on the empty toolbar and enable “Command bar” if it isn’t already enabled. If you see the 1Password button, you can stop here.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the Command bar and choose Customize > Add or remove commands.
  3. Drag 1Password from “Available toolbar buttons” on the left to the top of “Current toolbar buttons” on the right.
  4. Click Close.

If 1Password is not listed in “Available toolbar buttons”

If the 1Password button is not showing up at all when you try to customize the toolbar, make sure that third-party add-ons are permitted in Internet Explorer and that the 1Password add-on is installed and enabled. Learn more.