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Migrate your existing 1Password data to a family account

Learn how to transfer items from your individual account to a family account.

Join a family account

If you have an existing individual account and want to join a family account, ask the family organizer to invite you to the account.


When you join the family account, use the same account password you have now, and you’ll get a new Secret Key and Emergency Kit to save.

After you join the family account, follow these steps to migrate your information:

  1. Add your family account to the 1Password apps on all your devices.
  2. In the 1Password app on one device, move the items from your individual account to the Private vault in your family account. You can move items you want to share with everyone in the family to the Shared vault.

    If you have other vaults you want to move to the family account, create new vaults in the family account, then move your items.

  3. Sign in to your family account on to make sure all your items are there.
  4. Sign out of your individual account in the 1Password apps.

When you’ve confirmed all your items are moved and you no longer need your old account, you can delete your individual account.

Merge accounts into a family

If you and your family have individual accounts that you want to merge into a single family account, ask one person to upgrade to a family account. Then invite your family members to the new account and have them follow the steps to join the family account and migrate their items.

Get help

If you have questions about migrating to a family account, contact 1Password Support from the email address you use to sign in.

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