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Format your secure notes with Markdown

Learn how to add rich text formatting to secure notes using Markdown syntax.

When you edit a secure note in 1Password for Mac, 1Password for iOS, and 1Password X, you can use Markdown syntax to apply text styles, create lists, and more. To see your note displayed with rich text formatting, save the item after you’re done editing it.

Style Syntax


# Heading 1, ## Heading 2, ### Heading 3
Bold **bold**
Italic _italic_
Strikethrough ~~Strikethrough~~
Dividing line ---
● Bulleted list * List item

Use asterisks (*), hyphens (-), or plus signs (+).

1. Numbered list 1. List item
> Quotation
Code `Code`
Pre-formatted text
Pre-formatted text

Or indent each line with at least four spaces.

Links that begin with https:// become clickable, like

To use a character that would otherwise be interpreted as Markdown formatting, precede it with a backslash (\). For example, \_hello\_ becomes _hello_, not hello.

Manage your settings

To turn off Markdown formatting, choose 1Password > Preferences > General and turn off “Format secure notes using Markdown”.

To turn off Markdown formatting, tap Settings > General and turn off Markdown Formatting.

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