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Manage your 1Password subscription

You can manage and cancel your subscription, add credit cards, and view invoices on

To get started, sign in to your account on


If you started your subscription using an in-app purchase on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you’ll manage your subscription with Apple instead.

If you started your subscription using an in-app purchase on your Android device, you’ll manage your subscription with Google instead.

Manage your subscription

You can manage your 1Password subscription from the Billing page of your account. On the Billing page, you’ll see information about your:

  • Subscription status and plan
  • Billing frequency
  • Subscription renewal date
  • Payment method
  • Invoices

If you don’t see the Billing page and you’re part of a 1Password family or team account, you may not have permission to manage billing. You can manage the subscription for your family or team account if you’re a family organizer, team owner, or part of a group with the Manage Billing permission.

Start your subscription

You can start your subscription at any time, including when your account is frozen. To start your subscription, click Billing in the sidebar and choose the plan you want.

If your account is on:Pricing is in:🇺🇸 USD🇨🇦 CAD🇪🇺 EUR

You can pay for your subscription with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and UnionPay. If your account is on, you can also pay with a 1Password Gift Card. Your 1Password subscription will renew automatically.

Taxes are collected where required by law and are listed on your invoice.

1Password is based in Canada. Some banks and credit card companies may charge a small foreign transaction fee to non-Canadian customers, regardless of the region of your 1Password account. You can use a card that doesn’t charge for foreign transactions, or contact your bank or credit card company for more information about their fee policies.

Change your subscription frequency

You can change your subscription frequency to monthly or annual billing at any time. To change an active subscription:

  1. Click Billing in the sidebar, then click Billing Settings.
  2. Choose monthly or annual billing, then click Save.

Learn more about 1Password monthly and annual subscription billing.

Change your account type

If you need to change your account type, you can. For example, you can upgrade from an individual account to a family account.

Learn how to change your 1Password account type.

Cancel your subscription

To cancel an active subscription:

  1. Click Billing in the sidebar, then click Billing Settings.
  2. Click Unsubscribe.

Your canceled subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period, then your account will be frozen. You can start your subscription again at any time.

Learn more about 1Password subscription billing when you cancel your subscription.

Add, remove, or update a credit card

To add a credit card:

  1. Click Billing in the sidebar, then click Add Credit Card.
  2. Enter the new card details, then click Add Payment Method.

To automatically use the card for future payments, click it.

To update billing details for a card, click next to it. To remove a card, click the delete button next to it.

View and manage invoices

To view your next invoice, click Billing in the sidebar. You’ll see your upcoming invoice.

To view previous invoices, click View Invoices. You’ll see a list of all your invoices.

To print or email an invoice, click View Invoice for the one you want, then click “Print” or “Email to me”.

Invoices page showing a list of previous invoices

Change a family or team invoice email address

By default, invoices are sent to each family organizer or team owner in your account. To send your invoices to someone else:

  1. Click Billing in the sidebar, then click Billing Settings.
  2. Enter the email address(es) you want future invoices sent to, then click Save.

Customize your invoice

You can customize your invoices to include additional information, like your company name or billing address:

  1. Click Billing in the sidebar, then click Billing Settings.
  2. Enter the details you want to add in the Invoice Customization section, then click Save.

    If you don’t see the Invoice Customization section, make sure your subscription is active.

Your information will be applied to all invoices from now on. You can even view a previous invoice to save a copy of it with your new details.

Get help

If your last payment couldn’t be completed, you won’t see Billing Settings. To reactivate your subscription, add a new credit card. Then you can remove expired credit cards, adjust your subscription, and make other changes. Or contact 1Password Support to cancel your subscription.

If you canceled your subscription, and you want to remove your information from the 1Password service, you can delete your account on

If you have an issue when you try to add or update your credit card information on, such as the credit card fields not appearing, learn how to troubleshoot the issue.

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