Data and backups

If you can’t find your data, or it’s not on all of your devices

Get help if your 1Password data is missing, like if it’s not syncing to some of your devices.

If you need to transfer your 1Password data to a new device

Install 1Password on your new device and sign in to your 1Password account. All your vaults, passwords, and items will appear automatically.

If some of your data was lost, changed, or deleted

If some of your items are missing or contain incorrect information, you may be able to recover them.

You can view previously used passwords and even restore previous versions of items that have been changed, archived, or deleted. Learn how to restore archived and deleted items and how to view and restore previous versions of items.

Get more help

If you don’t have a 1Password membership

If you don’t have a 1Password membership, learn how to migrate your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account.

If you’re still having trouble

If you still can’t find your 1Password data or need help syncing it, contact 1Password Support:

  1. Create a diagnostics report from each of your devices.
  2. Send an email to Include a description of the problem and attach any diagnostics reports you created.

Still need help?

If this article didn't answer your question, contact 1Password Support.