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Get a free 1Password Families membership when you use 1Password Business

Learn how to redeem your free 1Password Families membership, so you can stay as safe at home as you are at work.

When you’re part of a team that uses 1Password Business, you get a complimentary 1Password Families membership, which you can share with your family.

To redeem your free membership, link your family account to your business account. Only your subscription status will be linked. No other information is shared.

Redeem your free 1Password Families membership

To redeem your free 1Password Families membership:

  1. Sign in to your business account on
  2. Click your name in the top right and choose My Profile.
  3. In the “Claim your free family account” section, click Redeem Now.

To sign up for 1Password Families and redeem your free membership, click Sign Up. Make sure to use your personal email address when you create your family account.

To apply your free membership to an existing account, click Apply to existing account. Then sign in to your family account and click Apply. If you sign in to an individual account, you’ll be asked if you want to convert it to a family account.

Your 1Password Families membership will remain active as long as it’s linked to your business account. If you’re preparing to leave your team, you can unlink your family account and add a payment method to keep using it. Learn more about the cost for 1Password Families.


Store personal passwords and items that aren’t related to your work in your family account. After you link your account, move your existing personal items to it if you have some in your work account, or import passwords from your existing password manager or browser.

Differences between your business and family account

Business accountFamily account
Managed by your employer.Managed by you and/or a family organizer.
Paid for by your employer.Free when linked to a business account. Paid for by you if you leave the business account.
Shared vaults are accessible to you and team members.Shared vaults are only accessible to you and family members.
Your employer may enable policies that report risks within Employee vaults.Your Private vault is only visible to you.
Can be deleted by your employer at any time.Can only be deleted by a family organizer in your family account.

Get help

If your existing family account and your business account are in different regions, you can still link them. After you click Apply to existing account, click Sign in to another account at the bottom of the page, then choose the region for your family account in the dropdown menu.

If you started a subscription for your existing individual or family account using an in-app purchase on your Apple or Android device, and you can’t redeem your free membership, contact 1Password Support for help.

If your family account becomes frozen, make sure that:

  • you see your linked family on My Profile in your business account
  • your team has an active subscription to 1Password Business

If you leave your business account or are removed from it, your family account will be unlinked from it, and it will enter into a complimentary trial period. You can add a payment method to start a 1Password Families subscription. Learn more about the cost for 1Password Families.

Learn more

Linked family accounts share only their subscription status with a business account. Ownership and access rights aren’t shared. A linked family account belongs to the family organizer, and the business can’t access or manage it.