Get started keyboard shortcuts

You can use your keyboard to accomplish many tasks on that normally require a mouse or trackpad.

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For shortcuts that work in the 1Password desktop apps, see our Keyboard Shortcuts article.

Vault mode

These shortcuts work inside your vaults.

Action Mac shortcut Windows shortcut
Create new item Command-I Ctrl + I
Create new item in current category Shift-Command-I Shift + Ctrl + I
Edit item Command-E Ctrl + E
Save item Command-S Ctrl + S
Duplicate item Command-D Ctrl + D
Copy password Shift-Command-C Shift + Ctrl + C
Reveal all passwords in the item details Command-Option Control + Alt
Move item to the Archive Command-Delete Ctrl + Backspace
Search Command-F Ctrl + F
Manage vault (Administrators) Shift-Command-M Shift + Ctrl + M
Switch vaults Shift-Command-0 to Shift-Command-9 Shift + Ctrl + 0 to Shift + Ctrl + 9
Copy JSON of the selected item Shift-Control-Option-E Shift + Ctrl + Alt + E
Import item JSON from the search field Shift-Control-Option-I Shift + Ctrl + Alt + I