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About Autofill security in 1Password for iOS

Learn how 1Password protects your data when you use Autofill on your iPhone or iPad.

When you turn on Autofill on your iPhone or iPad, you can save logins and sign in to apps and websites without opening the 1Password app. Because you can save and sign in with your items so easily, you can use generated passwords and create passkeys for more apps and services than you otherwise might have, which means you can be more secure in more places.

Your secrets are safe in 1Password

1Password safely encrypts all your information, and using Autofill with 1Password doesn’t undermine the security of 1Password.

Password AutoFill only has access to the metadata that 1Password provides: usernames and domain names, which need to be available for Autofill to suggest credentials in your browser and apps. Only that metadata is saved to an encrypted Password AutoFill keychain, and other apps can’t access it.

You are always in control

To sign in to an account using Autofill, you must unlock 1Password and choose an item. As always, 1Password will only fill your credentials after you choose to fill them.

Protect yourself when using Autofill

If you turn on filling suggestions, guard your device passcode closely. Anyone who knows it can find out which websites and apps you have logins for, including your usernames for those logins.

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