1Password 5 for Mac


Wherever you go, there you 1Password

Since 1Password is available for and syncs between Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, you can always have your data at hand. If you happen to be an international man (or woman) of mystery, though, you may have the need to access your data in a web browser at some point in your globetrotting. 1Password has you covered.

NOTE: Before you access 1PasswordAnywhere, be sure to sync with Dropbox. If you would prefer to access your data from a USB flash drive, please see our "Local file restrictions in 1PasswordAnywhere" support article.

  1. Log in to the Dropbox website.

  2. Click 1Password.agilekeychain (which may be inside a folder called "1Password").

  3. Click 1Password.html (located inside "1Password.agilekeychain").

  4. Enter your Master Password to unlock 1PasswordAnywhere.

Behold: your data

Once unlocked, much will be familiar to you. 1PasswordAnywhere is very similar to the main 1Password app.

Click in the search field and begin typing the title or URL of one of your items to find the one you need.

Lock button

Click the Lock button in the very top right corner to lock 1PasswordAnywhere.

Click one of the categories to see what you have stored in it.

Item List

All the items in the currently selected category will be listed here.

Item details

The item details you know and love will be shown on the right.


For your security, 1PasswordAnywhere will lock automatically after one minute of inactivity.