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Get to know 1Password in Safari on your Mac

If you’re new to 1Password, learn how to fill and save passwords, view and edit items, and more – all without leaving Safari.

1Password works everywhere you do. Easily sign in to sites, use suggested passwords, and find what you need. After you install 1Password for Mac, it’ll ask you to turn on 1Password in Safari.

If you’re not using Safari, get to know 1Password in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave.

Save a login

To save a login, enter your username and password. Then choose Save in 1Password.

Select a vault, give the login a title, and add any tags. Then click Save Login.

To update an incorrect or incomplete login, make your changes, then choose Save in 1Password and click Update Existing.

Learn more about saving and filling passwords.

Saving a login inline with 1Password

Fill logins and other items

To fill an item, click the 1Password icon and choose it.

If 1Password suggests more than one item, you can use the arrow keys to select the one you want.

Or start typing to find it.

Learn more about filling credit cards and addresses.

The 1Password icon in a form field

Search 1Password in a form field

Use a suggested password

1Password suggests strong passwords when you’re changing a password or signing up for a new account.

To use a suggested password, click the 1Password icon in a password field and choose Use Suggested Password.

Learn more about changing your passwords.

1Password suggesting a new password

Create a custom password

You can use 1Password mini to create custom passwords. To open 1Password mini, click the 1Password button in the Safari toolbar and click Generate Password.

Adjust the settings for your new password, then click Save & Copy to use your new password.

The password generator in Safari

Do more with 1Password mini

You can also use 1Password mini to:

  • Find, view, and edit items
  • Use drag and drop to fill in apps
  • Lock 1Password

Get to know 1Password mini.

Use 1Password mini to fill in apps

Get help

1Password for Safari is included with 1Password 7. Get help if you can’t install the 1Password 6 extension in Safari on your Mac.

To stop Safari from asking to save your passwords, turn off the built-in password manager in Safari. Then you’ll always know passwords are saved in 1Password, without any confusion.

If you don’t see the 1Password icon in Safari

Learn how to turn on 1Password in Safari and add it to the toolbar.

If nothing happens when you click the 1Password button in Safari

Restart your Mac. After you restart your Mac, open and unlock 1Password. Then open Safari, and see if the issue is resolved.

If you’re still having trouble using 1Password in Safari

Get help with 1Password in Safari, like when it won’t save or fill passwords on web pages.

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