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Create unique answers to security questions

Use custom fields in 1Password 8 to create random answers to security questions.

In 1Password 8, you can use custom fields to create unique answers to security questions, so you won’t forget answers, reuse answers, or rely on personal information others may be able to discover or guess.

Create security questions

  1. Select the item you want to add security questions to and click Edit.
  2. Click Add More and choose Security Questions.
  3. Choose a question from the list or enter your own.
  4. Select the answer field, then click Create a New Answer.
  5. Click Use to enter the randomly generated answer. Or click to generate a new answer.
  6. Click Save.

You’ll see the Security Questions section in your item details.

The option to create security questions highlighted at the top of the Add More menu.

The create new security question answer screen showing a randomly generated answer of vision label mongeese.

Edit security questions

To edit a security question or answer, click it.

To replace an answer, click it and choose Create a New Answer.

The security question answer edit screen showing the option to create a new answer.

Fill security questions

To copy a security answer, click it.

To copy security answers from 1Password in your browser:

  1. Click the 1Password button in your browser’s toolbar to open the 1Password pop-up.
  2. Select the login item.
  3. Hover over the security question and click Copy, then paste the answer into the appropriate field on the website.
1Password in the browser open to an item with the cursor over the answer to a security question.

You can also drag the answer from the 1Password pop-up or app into the field.

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