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If you see “can’t store local data” in Firefox

Get help when you can’t use 1Password in Firefox because 1Password can’t store data on your computer.

About the message

1Password for Firefox needs to be able to store your 1Password data on your computer. If “Never remember history” or “Always use private browsing mode” are turned on in Firefox, you won’t be able to use 1Password.
Can't store local data. Turn off “Never remember history” and “Always use private browsing mode” to use 1Password.

What you should do

To use 1Password in Firefox:

  1. Click the Firefox menu   in the toolbar and choose Settings.
  2. Click Privacy & Security.
  3. Turn on Remember history or Use custom settings for history.

    If you turn on Use custom settings for history, make sure Always use private browsing mode is turned off.

  4. Restart Firefox.

Get more help

If you still can’t use 1Password in Firefox, contact 1Password Support.