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1Password Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get up-to-date pricing information for 1Password?

The best place to learn how much 1Password costs is our pricing page.

Do I have to buy all the apps separately?

No. A subscription account includes the full versions of the desktop and mobile apps for no extra cost.

1Password accounts

What is a 1Password account?

A 1Password account gives you access to everything 1Password has to offer – all the apps, seamless sync, web access, and sharing – for a single monthly fee. A standalone license does not include a 1Password account.

Learn more about the difference between a 1Password account and a standalone license.

How do I get an account?

You can sign up for an account on

  • If you choose to create a family or team account, only one person needs to set up an account. They’re responsible for inviting everyone else.
  • If someone already set up an account for your family or team, ask them to invite you.

Learn more about getting started with 1Password.

Can I have multiple 1Password accounts?

Yes. You can have your own account, and you can also belong to family and team accounts. Each family and team you belong to grants you a separate 1Password account. You can use the same email address for all your 1Password accounts. You can add your accounts to the 1Password apps, and sign in to them on

Do I have to use a different password for all my accounts?

No. If you already have a Master Password, use the same one when you sign up for a new 1Password account. That way, you only have to remember one password.


What’s the best way to sync my data?

The simplest way is to sign up for a 1Password account. Everything is stored in your account. Just sign in from a browser or use the 1Password apps.

If you prefer, you can sync it yourself with iCloud, Dropbox, or your local network.

Can 1Password sync with iCloud on my Windows PCs?

1Password can only sync with iCloud on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Master Password

How do I change my Master Password?

If you have a 1Password account, you can change your Master Password by signing in to your account at Click your account name in the top right and choose My Profile. Click Manage > Change Master Password, then enter your current and new Master Password.

If you don’t have a 1Password account, you can change your Master Password from any of the apps. Open 1Password and choose Settings (Preferences on Mac). Then go to the Security section, and click or tap the Change Master Password button.

I have several accounts and vaults. Which password do I use to unlock 1Password?

Your Master Password is set when you use 1Password for the first time. It belongs to the first vault you create or the first account you sign in to. Any other vaults or accounts will be unlocked when you enter your Master Password.

So, it’s possible to have different Master Passwords for each app if you set up your accounts or vaults in a different order.

What should I do if I forget my Master Password?

Although we can’t reset your Master Password, we do have some tips that may help you.


Can I get help from someone who works here?

Of course! If you need any help, stop by the 1Password Support forum.

Can I email you?

Sure. Get in touch at and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Do you offer phone support?

We don’t. We’re much better equipped to respond to your questions on the forum and through email. The folks replying to your questions are the same people who actually make 1Password.