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Share passwords with your family

Learn how to give everyone in your family access to the items they need, like wireless network passwords or shared credit cards.


If you already have a 1Password membership, it’s easy to upgrade to 1Password Families.

With 1Password Families, you can share passwords and other items securely with your family:

  • your wireless network password
  • your Netflix password
  • emergency credit cards
  • passports

Before you can share with your family, you’ll need to invite them.

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Use vaults to share

Every item you save in 1Password is stored in a vault. You can use vaults to organize your items and share with others. Items in a vault are available to everyone with access to that vault.

Your family account includes a vault called Shared that’s available to everyone you’ve invited. To share items with individual family members, create a new vault and share it with only the people who need access.

Learn how to create and share vaults.

A Private and Shared vault on

Move the items you want to share

To share an item with someone, move it to a vault that you both have access to:

  • To share with everyone in your family, move the item to the included Shared vault.
  • To share with specific family members, move the item to a vault you share only with them.

Learn how to move and copy items.

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Stop sharing

To stop sharing an item, remove it from the vault you’re sharing:

  • If you’re done with the item, delete it.
  • If you want to keep the item for yourself, move it to your Private vault.

If you want to stop sharing everything with an individual family member, you can suspend or remove their account.

Get help

If you need to share an item with someone you don’t share a vault with or who doesn’t use 1Password, learn how to securely share an item with anyone.

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