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Get started with 1Password Extended Access Management

Learn how to secure every sign-in, for every app, on every device.

1Password Extended Access Management allows you to secure all your team’s sign-ins for any application on any device, including unmanaged apps and devices. With 1Password Extended Access Management, you can:

  • Secure your devices with Device Trust by Kolide. Make sure every device that accesses your business data is healthy, including bring-your-own devices. Help team members resolve device health issues on their own, without help from IT.
  • Secure your credentials with 1Password’s enterprise password manager. Access password management solutions tailored to hybrid work environments.
  • Secure your workforce with single sign-on for every website and app as part of a universal sign-in experience that includes passwords, multi-factor authentication, and passkeys. (coming soon)
  • Secure all applications with visibility into all apps your team members use, including shadow IT. Configure unmanaged apps to sign in with SSO, or guide your team members to approved alternatives. Grant or deny access to apps based on contextual access policies. (coming soon)


Before you get started, you’ll need:

  • Okta Identity Engine, including the following products:
    • Basic SSO
    • Basic MFA
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Universal Directory

If you use Okta Classic, you'll need to upgrade to Okta Identity Engine.

Get started

To sign up for 1Password Extended Access Management, contact the 1Password Sales team.

To upgrade to 1Password Extended Access Management from an existing 1Password or Kolide account, contact your Account Manager.

Secure your devices

1Password Extended Access Management includes Device Trust by Kolide. With Kolide, you can:

  • See an inventory of all corporate and bring-your-own devices that access business data through your identity provider.
  • Check the health of all devices from a single dashboard.
  • Block access to apps based on device health.
  • Provide self-serve remediation for device health, so that team members can resolve issues on their own without help from IT.

To get started with Kolide, follow the steps connect Kolide to Okta.

Kolide by 1Password showing details about a team member's device health.

Secure your credentials

1Password Extended Access Management includes 1Password Business. With 1Password’s enterprise password manager, you can:

Learn how to get started with 1Password Business.

The 1Password admin console showing an overview of a team, including invitations, team members awaiting recovery, and security issues.

Secure every sign-in (coming soon)

1Password Extended Access Management will soon include universal sign-on. With universal sign-on, you’ll be able to:

  • Use 1Password to implement single-sign on with OpenID Connect and SAML protocols.
  • Quickly give team members access to managed apps through 1Password.
  • Allow team members to sign in securely from one place with passwords, multi-factor authentication, passkeys, or single-sign on.

Public beta coming soon.

1Password SSO open to a window allowing you to assign access by group.

Secure all applications (coming soon)

1Password Extended Access Management will soon give visibility into all SaaS apps your team members use, including managed apps and unsanctioned shadow IT. With app insights, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover unmanaged apps, then manage them with single sign-on or guide your team members to approved alternatives.
  • Use real-time data to track application usage across corporate and bring-your-own devices.
  • Grant or deny access to apps based on contextual signals, like device health or credential strength.

Public beta coming soon.

1Password XAM showing an unmanaged app with the option to manage the app with SSO.

Get help

To get help with Kolide, contact Kolide Support.

To get help with 1Password Business, contact 1Password Support.

Still need help?

If this article didn't answer your question, contact 1Password Support.