Data and backups

How to export data from 1Password

You can export your 1Password data if you want to move it to a different app.


Keeping your data in 1Password? You don’t have to export anything. There’s an easier way to move your data within 1Password or add it to another device.


Exported data files are not encrypted. They are stored in plain text. Anyone with access to your exported data files will be able to read your passwords. Do not email exported data files or store them online. Delete them when you are done with them.

  1. Open and unlock 1Password.
  2. Select the vault you want to export. It’s not possible to export from “All Vaults”, so you’ll need to switch to a specific vault.
  3. Choose File > Export > All Items. If you belong to a team account, there may be some vaults where you don’t have the “Export items” permission. Ask your team administrator.
  4. Enter your Master Password.
  5. Choose a file format:
    • 1Password Interchange Format (.1pif) to move data to another copy of 1Password.
    • Comma Delimited Text (.csv) to move data to a different app.
  6. Click Save.
  1. Open and unlock 1Password.
  2. Select the items you want to export. Select multiple items by holding down the Ctrl key when clicking on them. Select all of the items by pressing Ctrl + A after clicking one of the items in the list.
  3. Right-click the selected item(s) and choose Export.
  4. Choose a format:
    • Comma Delimited Text (.csv) to move data to a different app.
    • Plain Text (.txt) for a readable list of your items.
  5. Enter a filename and click Save.

To export your data to an OPVault folder:

  1. Open and unlock 1Password.
  2. Enable Dropbox or WLAN Server.
  3. Tap > Settings > Advanced > “Export primary vault”. If you’re using the Agile Keychain format, switch to the OPVault format to export.

Your 1Password data will be saved to a folder named 1PasswordExports in local storage on your device.