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1Password 7 for Mac

Learn about the new features and improvements in 1Password 7 for Mac.

1Password 7 for Mac


Beautiful new design

Every pixel has been reimagined to give you more information and control.


The sidebar was redesigned to show you all your accounts and vaults and make it easier than ever to organize the information you have saved in 1Password.

Learn how to use the sidebar

the new sidebar

1Password mini

1Password mini

The new 1Password mini gives you instant access to everything you have saved in 1Password. It also automatically detects the app or website you have open and suggests relevant logins and passwords to fill.

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Item list

colorful icons in the item list

1Password 7 automatically adds icons to your logins, so you can easily tell them apart at a glance.

Item details

item details with important information at the top

The most important details, like usernames, passwords, and one-time passwords are right at the top.


vault icons

Choose from a list of included icons when you create new vaults, or add your own custom icon.


1Password 7 gives you tools to find the information you need, when you need it.

Use 1Password mini to fill in apps

Fill logins in apps

1Password will show you relevant logins for the app you’re using, so you can quickly sign in. Just drag the username and password.

Open items in separate windows

View item details in a separate window that floats on top of whatever you have open to easily copy information into another app.

an item opened in a separate window

Drag and drop items

Quickly organize and share items with drag and drop. Drag items to a vault in the sidebar to move them. Or drag them to New Vault to create a vault on the fly.

Learn how to create and share vaults

Rich text formatting

Add formatting to your secure notes with Markdown. View them in rich text, complete with headers, bold and italic styles, lists, and more.

Learn how to format your secure notes with Markdown

formattted text in a secure note

Quick Open

the Quick Open window

Use Quick Open (Command-K) to jump to any account, vault, or item from anywhere in 1Password.

Nested tags

nested tags in the sidebar

Use a special syntax to nest tags. Add a slash between words in a tag to create nested tags in the sidebar.


1Password 7 continues innovating where it counts by protecting your security and privacy.


Watchtower now includes more ways to help you stay secure. You’ll be alerted when logins don’t have a two-factor authentication enabled, when credit cards are about to expire, and more.

Learn how to use Watchtower

a login item with inactive two-factor authentication

a vulnerable password

Vulnerable passwords

1Password 7 integrates with haveibeenpwned.com, a service provided by security researcher Troy Hunt. Easily find out if any of your passwords have been exposed in a data breach, so you can take action.

Learn more about the integration

Secure Enclave for Touch ID

1Password now uses the Secure Enclave in your Mac to protect your encryption key when you use Touch ID, ensuring no programs on your computer can interfere.

Single process architecture

1Password 7 combines the main app and 1Password mini into a single process, eliminating connection issues and providing a secure and reliable communication channel.

Upgrade to 1Password 7

1Password 7 for Mac is available as part of a 1Password membership or as a standalone license.
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