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1Password X

Learn about the new features and improvements in the latest version of 1Password X.

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You’ve never been more productive.

1Password X gives you the features you need to supercharge your workflow.

1Password X suggests items based on the page you visit

Smarter suggestions.

Whether you need your password to sign in, or your credit card and address to check out, 1Password X knows what you need, when you need it. The right information is always at your fingertips.

One-click. Two-factor.

Set up two-factor authentication with a click. The convenient the QR code icon button is always there when you need to scan the QR code. When you sign in, 1Password X fills your one-time password for you.

Set up two-factor authentication from the 1Password X pop-up

Use drag and drop to fill in apps from 1Password X

Drag and drop. Everywhere.

Sign in to any app or website with drag-and-drop simplicity. Fill passwords, answers to security questions, and more.

Your most important files.
Safe and sound.

Store passport photos, PDF documents, and receipts. Access them anytime, anywhere. They’re all protected by end-to-end encryption.

Download documents from 1Password X

Never squint again.

Enlarge passwords and other fields

View any field in large type. It’s not just for passwords anymore. Your eyes will thank you.

Powerful shortcuts.

Shift button Command button C button

Use 1Password X without ever taking your fingers off the keyboard. Learn more about 1Password X keyboard shortcuts.

Syncs instantly.

If you share vaults with others, the changes they make on other devices appear instantly.

Scrolls like butter.

Disobey all speed limits. Scroll at top speed, no matter how many items you have. It’s fluid AF.

Reopen and resume.

Reopen 1Password X and see exactly what you were last looking at. Perfect for copying multiple item fields.

Get started with 1Password X

1Password X is available with your 1Password membership. To get started, download 1Password X for your browser. Learn more about 1Password X.