1Password Teams

About the Pro plan

Get more flexibility and control with the Pro plan for 1Password Teams.

Pro plan features

The Pro plan gives you tools to customize, audit, and organize your team. It’s perfect for teams that have outgrown the Standard plan or need fine-grained controls.

Advanced access control

With the Standard plan, vaults can only be made read-only or fully editable. The Pro plan introduces 12 additional permissions which let you control everything that happens inside a vault, including:

  • item creation and editing
  • export and sharing
  • ability to see passwords and item history

Permissions can be set individually for each team member and vault, so access rights are as granular as you need them to be.

Advanced access

Activity Log

The Activity Log is auditing made easy. See at a glance:

  • who added someone to a vault
  • when an item was deleted
  • where a permission was changed
  • and more

Everything in the Activity Log can be clicked to reveal more details about people, groups, vaults, and devices.

Get to know the Activity Log

Activity Log

Custom groups

Organize people by department, location, or however you choose using custom groups.

Managing groups is just as easy as managing individual team members. You can give groups access to vaults and change their permissions, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of everyone separately.

Get to know custom groups

Custom groups

Custom roles

Delegate team-level permissions to different groups on your team. Create new types of administrators with specific responsibilities, like account recovery or billing management.

Get to know custom roles

Custom roles

Unlimited item history

1Password keeps track of every change your team members make to an item, like password changes and more. You can even restore deleted items.

The Standard plan only keeps recent changes, but the Pro plan allows you to recover any previous version of an item as far back as you need – no matter how long ago an item was changed or deleted.

Get to know item history

Item history

Upgrade to the Pro plan today

Along with all the features above, you’ll also get:

  • priority support for you and your team members
  • 5 GB of secure document storage per person

To upgrade, sign in to your account on 1Password.com. Click Billing in the sidebar, then click “Switch to Pro”.

Priority support