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Team members: Get started with 1Password

Learn how to set up and use 1Password to save and fill passwords, share with your team, and more.

Get started

1Password keeps you safe online and helps you collaborate with your team at work. Convenient security starts here.

Join your team

To get started, click the link in your invitation to join your team. Then choose a strong 1Password account password, which you’ll use to unlock 1Password.

Choose a strong 1Password account password

Get the apps

1Password is available on all your devices, so you always have all your information with you. Any changes you make on one device are immediately available everywhere else.

There’s also a lot more you can do with the apps, like filling passwords automatically, so you should set up the apps right after you join your team.

If you already use 1Password, learn how to add your new account to the apps.

Get the apps

Get 1Password in your browser

1Password is the best way to automatically save and fill passwords in your browser. You can use it to sign in to websites and apps, view and edit items, and find exactly what you need. Get 1Password for:





Get to know your vaults

Vaults are containers to help you organize your items and share with others.

  • Your Private vault is where you store work-related items that aren’t shared with your team, like your password for your work email account.

  • The Shared vault has items that everyone on your team can access.

Learn more

After you’ve mastered the basics, there’s a lot more you can do with 1Password.

Stay on top of your security

Watchtower highlights any security problems and notifies you of password breaches and other security problems with any items saved in 1Password.

We keep Watchtower updated as security breaches are reported, so you can change your passwords right away.

Learn more about Watchtower

Share with others

You may have access to additional vaults that are shared with other people on your team. If you need a new vault for a special project, ask your team administrator.

To share an item with someone, move it into a vault you share with them.

Learn how to move and copy items

Get 1Password Families free

1Password Business accounts include a free 1Password Families membership for everyone in your company.

Multiple accounts make it easy to separate your work and personal items, and see everything you need on all your devices. You’ll also still have access to your family account if you leave your team.

Redeem your free 1Password Families membership