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Administrators: Get started with 1Password

Learn how to invite people to your team, share vaults with them, and more.

Get started

1Password is powerful enough for the needs of any business, but you don’t need an IT department to make the most of it. Effortless administration starts here.

Create or join your team

If someone already set up an account for your team, ask them to invite you and make you an administrator.

If you don’t have a team yet, create one. You’ll automatically be an administrator.

Create your team

Invite your team

You can invite people by email address, or send out a sign-up link to invite multiple people at the same time. When you’re signed in to, click Invitations in the sidebar to get started.

Learn more about inviting your team

Familiarize yourself and your team with 1Password

Everyone who joins your team gets a Private vault where they can store all their work-related passwords and other information. Before team members can access shared items, you need to confirm their accounts.

Get to know 1Password yourself: get the apps and learn how to save, fill, and change passwords. Then make sure to also share this link with your team:

Get to know 1Password

Share with everyone

Vaults give team members the ability to securely share items, like passwords and secure notes. Your team comes with a Shared vault for items that everyone needs access to, like sitewide software licenses or your employee handbook.

To share something with everyone on your team, open the Shared vault and create an item in it.

Learn more about creating items

Create additional vaults to share

You can create additional vaults to share information with specific people, like vaults for different departments or locations. An office vault, for example, can have the Wi-Fi password and building alarm codes.

Not everyone who needs to view a vault needs to be able to edit it. You get to decide who can make changes.

To make your life easier, you can assign other people to manage each vault.

Learn more about creating, sharing, and managing vaults

Implement a recovery plan

You can’t recover your own account, so make sure you add at least one other person to the Owners group. That way, if you can’t sign in, someone will be able to help you.

Learn more about implementing a recovery plan

Learn more

After you’ve mastered the basics, there’s a lot more you can do with 1Password.

Create and manage groups

Sometimes you might want to give people access to the vaults they need as a group, rather than one by one. You can also assign team-level permissions to groups, like the ability to invite people to your team or manage your subscription.

Learn more about custom groups

Enforce security policies

Control your team’s access with 1Password Advanced Protection. Customize the Master Password requirements, define where and how your team can sign in, and assess how effective your policies are with the sign-in attempts report.

Learn more about 1Password Advanced Protection

Audit team activity

Monitor events that happen on your team with the Activity Log. Always know who did what – and when they did it.

Learn more about the Activity Log

Create reports

Identify the items your team members have accessed with usage reports. When someone leaves your team, you’ll know which passwords you need to change.

Learn more about usage reports

Create a domain breach report

Find people in your company affected by data breaches, even if they don’t use 1Password yet. See if passwords, credit cards, and other information have been compromised, so you can take action.

Learn more about the domain breach report

Invite and share with guests

Guest accounts are ideal for sharing information with people on a limited basis. They don’t have their own private vaults and only have access to a single vault.

Learn more about guests

Get more flexibility and control

1Password Business gives you tools to customize, audit, and organize your team. It’s perfect for teams that have outgrown 1Password Teams or need fine-grained controls.

Learn more about 1Password Business