1Password Essentials

Get started with 1Password

Learn how to join your team, set up your account, and get the apps.

Join your team

To join your team on 1Password, go to https://1password.com/ibm on your Mac or PC.

IBM sign-up screen for 1Password

Confirm that you’ve read and accept the Terms of Service, then click Join Now.

Enter your IBM email address to receive an invitation for 1Password

Enter your IBM work email, then click Continue.

Invitation email to join IBM on 1Password

Look for your invitation email on your Mac or PC and click “Join your team”.

Set up your account

Complete the sign-up process in your browser and create your Master Password. It’s the one password you’ll need to remember.

Add your first and last name for your 1Password account

Enter your first and last name so your administrators can find you easily.

Create your Master Password

Create your Master Password. It should be at least 15 characters long, with at least two of these character types:

  • uppercase letters
  • lowercase letters
  • numbers
  • symbols

Sign in to your account

Practice typing your new Master Password, then click Continue and sign in to your account.

Save your Emergency Kit

After signing in, download your Emergency Kit. It contains your Secret Key, which you’ll need to sign in to your account on new devices.

Your Emergency Kit is a PDF document with your account details and a place to write your Master Password.

If you fill out your Emergency Kit and store it safely, you can use it to add your 1Password account to a new device, or access your account if you can’t sign in.

Your Emergency Kit for 1Password

Get the apps

To add your account to 1Password on a new device, go to Get the Apps in your browser, download 1Password, and scan your Setup Code.

Welcome to 1Password dialogue with links to get the apps and open your vault

Click “Get the Apps” on your Home page, or click your name in the top right and choose “Get the Apps”.

Download links for the 1Password apps

Download 1Password for your device. Then open the app and choose 1Password.com from the list.

Your Setup Code for 1Password, with instructions for adding your account to a new device

Scan your Setup Code to automatically fill your details, or sign in manually. Then enter your Master Password and click Sign In.

Get to know your vaults

On your Home page, you’ll see your vaults. Vaults are containers for items like your passwords and documents. You’ll also use them to share information with other people on your team.

You’ll start with at least one vault:

  • Your Private vault is where you’ll keep work-related items that don’t need to be shared with your team, like your password for your work email account.

You can also use shared vaults to share information with other team members. If you have permission, you can create and share vaults. Otherwise, ask your administrator to create a new vault.

Learn how to view and edit items in vaults.

Your home page showing all the vaults you have access to

Next steps

After you’ve created your account, learn how to set up the 1Password apps on all your devices.