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About 1Password Families

The easiest way for your whole family to use 1Password.

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1Password Families keeps you and your loved ones secure online. It remembers your family’s most important information, so you don’t have to.

  • Includes up to 5 people (with room to grow), all paid with a single subscription.
  • Everyone gets their own account password, which they’ll use to unlock 1Password.
  • As a family organizer, you’re responsible for managing the family and what each person has access to.

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Choose what you share

Use vaults to share some information and keep the rest private.

Each family member starts with two vaults:

  • Everyone in your family has their own Private vault. You can’t see what’s in theirs, and they can’t see what’s in yours. Store things like your email login and social media passwords in your Private vault.

  • 1Password Families includes a Shared vault for items everyone in your family needs. It’s a great place for your Wi-Fi password and Netflix login, for example.

Learn how to use the Shared vault

Limit sharing

You can create other vaults with limited permissions, too. Are teenagers part of your family? Create a vault that the adults share but the kids can’t see.

Learn how to create and share vaults

Share with guests

Guest accounts are perfect for sharing limited information, like your Wi-Fi password, home alarm code, and instructions for your babysitter.

You invite guests to a single vault at a time. They won’t have their own private vault or access to your family’s shared vault.

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Help when you need it

1Password Families gives you the tools to help your family and world class support for when you need it yourself.

Recover accounts for family members

If someone in your family forgets their 1Password account password or can’t find their Secret Key, you can help them recover their account. They’ll be back up and running in no time.

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Share the load

As a family organizer, you’re responsible for managing the family and recovery. But you don’t have to do it alone. You can make others family organizers, so you can share the responsibilities.

In fact, it’s important to have at least one other family organizer. That way, if you can’t sign in, someone will be able to help you.

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Get started with 1Password Families

Sign up for 1Password Families today. Already have an account? Sign in to your account on 1Password.com. Click Invite People in the sidebar and choose Upgrade to a Family.

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