About 1Password Business

Flexibility and control to protect your company’s most valuable information.

1Password Business is the perfect solution for companies of all sizes that need fast deployment and fine-grained controls.

Advanced access control

1Password Business has 13 different vault permissions, so you can control exactly what every employee can access and what they can do with it, including:

  • item creation and editing
  • export and sharing
  • ability to see passwords and item history

Permissions can be set for each employee, group, and vault. Access rights are as granular as you need them to be.

Learn more about vault permissions

A list of vault permissions for a team member


Get analytics and insight into how your team is using 1Password. Usage reports help you make sure that an employee’s current access is right for their needs. They also help you find out which passwords need to be changed when someone leaves.

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A team report


Use Insights to get ahead of company-wide security risks and discover opportunities to improve your team’s security practices. You can track data breaches, password health, and team usage all in one place, with suggested next steps to take action.

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Password health and team usage insights

Team policies

Create security policies to control your team’s access to 1Password. Enforce stronger 1Password account passwords, require two-factor authentication, and prevent access from certain locations, IP addresses, and outdated 1Password apps.

Learn more about team policies

The Policies page

Activity Log

An audit trail is automatically created for all actions and changes that take place in your business account, such as:

  • who added someone to a vault
  • when an item was deleted
  • where a permission was changed

Events in the Activity Log include metadata like date and time, the person who took the action, and their IP address.

Learn more about the Activity Log

Actions listed in the Activity Log

Custom groups and roles

Organize people by department, location, and more using custom groups. Delegate responsibilities, like account recovery or subscription management, to different groups.

Managing groups is just as easy as managing individual employees. You can give groups access to vaults and change their permissions, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of everyone separately.

Learn more about custom groups

A custom group with the vaults group members have access to

Automated provisioning

Automate provisioning with 1Password SCIM Bridge. Connect 1Password with your existing identity provider, like Google Workspace, JumpCloud, Microsoft Entra ID, Okta, OneLogin, or Rippling, so you can:

  • Create users and groups
  • Grant and revoke access to groups
  • Suspend deprovisioned users

Changes you make with your identity provider will be reflected in 1Password.

Learn more about 1Password SCIM Bridge

The 1Password SCIM Bridge icon

Unlock with SSO

Allow your team members to sign in and unlock 1Password with single sign-on (SSO) instead of a Secret Key and account password. Connect 1Password with your existing identity provider, like JumpCloud, Microsoft Entra ID, Okta, OneLogin, and more.

Learn more about 1Password Unlock with SSO

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1Password Families

1Password Business includes a free 1Password Families membership for everyone in your company. Multiple accounts make it easy to separate personal data from business data, and at the same time see everything you need on all your devices.

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Upgrade to 1Password Business

To upgrade to 1Password Business, sign in to your account on 1Password.com. Click Billing in the sidebar and choose 1Password Business.

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