1Password Essentials

Get started with 1Password for Windows

Learn how to create a standalone vault, set up the app, and save and fill passwords.

Set up 1Password

1Password keeps you safe online and automatically saves and fills your passwords for you. It’s easy to get started.

Set up the app

To get started, open 1Password on your PC.

  1. On the Welcome screen, click “Create a new vault on this PC”.
  2. Give the vault a name and create a Master Password.
  3. Click Choose, then select the folder where you want 1Password to keep a copy of your vault.
  4. Click Continue.

You’ll use your Master Password to unlock 1Password. No one can reset or recover it for you, so it’s important to remember it.

To make sure you can always unlock 1Password, write down your Master Password and keep it somewhere safe, like with your passport or birth certificate.

Windows welcome screen

Set up the extension

To save and fill passwords in your browser, install the 1Password extension.

To prevent your browser from interfering with 1Password, turn off its built-in password manager.

Learn more about the 1Password extension

Use 1Password mini to sign in to websites

Next steps

After you set up 1Password, learn how to use it to manage your passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and more.

Get help

If you have any trouble setting up or using 1Password, contact your IT team.