About 1Password Advanced Protection

Learn how to use Advanced Protection to enforce security policies for your team.

With 1Password Business, you can use Advanced Protection to create security policies, prevent threats, and monitor your team’s access. You can use Advanced Protection if you’re an owner, administrator, or part of a group with the Manage Settings permission.

To get started, sign in to your account on 1Password.com and click Security in the sidebar.

1Password account password policy

Set stricter account password requirements for your team. You can change the minimum password length and require numbers, symbols, and uppercase or lowercase letters.

Learn how to change your 1Password account password policy

Managed two-factor authentication

Enforce two-factor authentication for everyone on your team, and choose which second factors they can use: authenticator apps and security keys, or Duo.

Learn how to manage two-factor authentication for your team

Firewall rules

Restrict where your team can access 1Password. Create rules to allow, report, or deny access based on the location or IP address.

Learn how to create firewall rules

Modern app requirements

Check which versions of 1Password your team uses and require them to keep 1Password up to date on all their devices.

Learn how to require modern apps

Team member policies

Change whether your team can save files like photos and documents in 1Password.

Learn how to manage team member policies

attempts report

Analyze the effect of your security policies. Monitor recent sign-in attempts and take any action required to protect your team.

Learn how to review sign-in attempts

Item sharing settings

Change how your team can share items with people outside your account and how long shared item links are accessible.

Learn how to manage item sharing settings

Default vault permissions

Control which vault permissions are automatically selected when your team shares a vault.

Learn how to choose the default vault sharing permissions

Upgrade now

To upgrade to 1Password Business, sign in to your account on 1Password.com. Click Billing in the sidebar and choose 1Password Business.