Advanced syncing

If you see error 7027 on your iPhone or iPad

Get help when you see error 7027 when trying to sync your iOS device using the WLAN server.

About the message

An old version of 1Password would sometimes detect a new vault, even when syncing with a vault it had already synced.

Sync Problem: The operation couldn't be completed. (com.agilebits.onepassword.ErrorDomain error 7027.)
Sync Problem: Error Domain=com.agilebits.onepassword.ErrorDomain Code=7027 "The operation couldn't be completed. (com.agilebits.onepassword.ErrorDomain error 7027.)" UserInfo=0x123456789 {NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=Attempted to sync with a different vault than originally configured.}

What you should do

Follow these steps. Try again after each step, and stop when you can sync again:

  1. Update 1Password. This issue was resolved in 1Password 5.5. Make sure you have the latest version of 1Password.
  2. Reset syncing. In 1Password, tap Settings > Sync. Tap the name of your vault, then tap Sync Service. Scroll down and tap Disable Sync. Then set up syncing again.
  3. Reinstall 1Password. Create a backup, delete 1Password, reinstall 1Password, and set up syncing again.

Get more help

If you’re still seeing the message, tap Settings > Advanced > Diagnostics > Log Settings. Turn on Sync and WLAN Sync, then go back and tap Send Diagnostics.