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About your Employee vault

Your Employee vault is a place where you can store work-related passwords that you don’t want to share with other people. Administrators can create reports for items in this vault and access items in it in some cases.


Store personal passwords and items that aren’t related to your work in an individual or family account. Learn how to use your personal and work accounts together.

When you join a team or business account, you get a Employee vault where you can store items that aren’t shared with anyone else in the team. You can store your work email password, account details for tools you use, and more.

The Employee vault and your privacy

The Employee vault is part of your team or business account and you should only store work-related passwords in it. The items in your Employee vault aren’t directly available to other team members, but account owners, administrators, or people with specific permissions may be able to access information about your items or the items themselves.

Team members with permission to create team insight reports can see how many items are in your Employee vault.

Team members with permission to recover accounts can gain access to your Employee vault and all the items saved there. To do this, they would recover your account, request access to your email address from the IT team, and use the recovery link to create a new Secret Key and account password.

Where to store personal items

You can use an individual or family account to store personal passwords and other items in 1Password. These accounts are separate from your work account and none of the items in them are available to your employer. Learn more about how to use multiple accounts and move your items between them.

When you get a free 1Password Families membership with your business account, your family account is managed and accessible only by you and the people you invite to it. If you leave the business account, you can unlink your family account and add a payment method to keep using it.

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