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1Password email and marketing domains

Learn which domains 1Password uses to send emails and what links are used for marketing, so you can validate messages you receive and make sure they’re not marked as spam.

Email domains

1Password sends emails from multiple tools to help customers and businesses get the most out of the product and stay in touch if they need help. Add the following domains to your spam filter’s exceptions list to make sure you receive emails about your account.

DomainPurpose / .ca / .euBilling and subscription notifications, Customer Success outreach, welcome emails, new sign-in notifications, and all account-related events, such as recovery.
agilebits.comMarketing, education, sales, Customer Success outreach, product research, webinar invitations, and Account Management outreach to help with subscription renewals.
email.1password.comMarketing, education, Customer Success outreach, and Account Management outreach to help with subscription renewals.
passage.idWelcome email for Passage.
1password.communityReply notifications, welcome emails, and other communication for the 1Password Support Community.

Marketing domains

Marketing emails from 1Password may include links to the following domains.

DomainPurpose, mkt.1password.coLanding pages for Marketo.
1passwordservices.comDrift chatbot widget.
1password.drift.clickDrift chatbot pages.
events.goldcast.ioGoldcast webinars that the 1Password marketing team is hosting.
mkt-lnk.1password.coMarketing email link click tracking.

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