Teams and Businesses

Use custom groups in 1Password Business

Create and manage custom groups to organize your team and delegate responsibilities.

With 1Password Business, custom groups make it easy to manage your team by project, department, or location. Learn how to manage group members and the vaults they have access to. Grant team-level permissions to groups, like the ability to recover accounts or invite people to the team.

Sign in to your account on and click Groups in the sidebar to get started.

Create a group

To create a group, click New Group and give your group a name. You can also give your group a description and an icon.

When you’re done, click Create Group.

You’re the group manager, and can now manage group members, vaults, and permissions.

Manage group membership

To add people to a group, click Manage in the People section. Select the team members to add, then click Done.

To manage a group member, click next to their name:

  • To promote them to group manager, choose Manager.
  • To remove them from the group, choose Remove from Group.

Team members can belong to multiple groups, and there is no limit to the size of a group.

Manage group access to vaults

You can give everyone in a group access to specific vaults and assign vault permissions, like the ability to create and remove items from the vault.

To add or remove group access to a vault, click Manage in the Vaults section. Select or deselect vaults, then click Done.

To change vault permissions for the group, click the gear icon next to the name of the vault. Select or deselect permissions, then click Done.

If a team member has both individual and group vault permissions, the most permissive of the two will always be used. Learn more about vault permissions.

Manage group permissions

Group permissions are team-level capabilities you can grant to everyone who is a member of a group. For example, the Manage People permission allows group members to invite people to your team, suspend and delete their accounts.

To assign group permissions, click Manage in the Permissions section. Select or deselect permissions, then click Done.

Custom groups can have the following permissions:

Create Vaults
Create and share vaults, and manage their membership and contents.
View Admin Console
View the Dashboard and Activity Log.
Recover Accounts
Recover accounts for team members who have lost their Master Password or Secret Key.
Manage People
Invite people to the team, suspend and delete their accounts.
Suspend People
Suspend accounts of people on the team.
Invite & Remove People
Invite people to the team and delete their accounts.
Manage All Groups
Manage membership, vaults, and permissions for all custom groups.
Manage Settings
Change team-level settings, like the team name and sign-in address.
Manage Billing
Manage subscription, add credit cards, and see invoices.
Delete Account
Delete the entire team, including all team member accounts and data.

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