How to install the 1Password app from after installing it from the App Store on your Mac

Step 1: Quit 1Password completely

In 1Password 7, open the app and choose 1Password > Quit 1Password Completely from the menu bar.

In 1Password 6 and earlier, hold down the Control and Option keys on your keyboard and choose Quit 1Password and 1Password mini instead.

Step 2: Quit your browser

Open your browser. Click the name of your browser in the menu bar and choose Quit.

Step 3: Uninstall 1Password and restart your Mac

In Finder, open the Applications folder and drag 1Password to the Trash. If you see multiple copies of 1Password, drag all of them to the Trash. Then restart your Mac.


Be careful with uninstaller apps like AppCleaner, AppZapper, CleanApp, and more. Uninstaller apps prompt you to delete supporting files when moving an app to the Trash, and this could accidentally delete all your 1Password data.

Step 4: Download 1Password from the 1Password website

Download the same version of 1Password that you had installed from the App Store.

If Safari is open, switch to it and choose Safari > Quit Safari. Then install and set up 1Password before you open Safari again.

Install 1Password, then open the app and you’ll see the Welcome screen. After you set up the app, you’ll see all your Logins, Secure Notes, and other data.