If you're having trouble unlocking 1Password with Okta

Get help when you're having trouble using your identity provider to sign in to 1Password.

If you see an error when you try to sign in

1Password communicates with your identity provider to confirm your identity and grant access to your 1Password account. If communication is disrupted, you won’t be able to unlock 1Password.

You may see the following error messages if 1Password and your identity provider are having trouble communicating:

The Identity Provider did not return the code OIDC attribute.
The Identity Provider did not return the state OIDC attribute.
Failed to verify the Identity Provider's response. Please contact your administrator.

Follow these steps:

  1. Try signing in again.
  2. Contact your administrator.

    If you are the administrator, check your Unlock with Identity Provider configuration.

If you can’t sign in to your account

Contact your team administrator. They may be able to recover your account.

You’ll get an email from 1Password. When you click “Recover my account” in the email, a page will open in your browser. After you recover your account:

  • You’ll be able to access all the data you had before.
  • You’ll need to sign in again on all your devices.