Move your data into 1Password 7 for Mac


If you have a 1Password membership or you’re using Chrome, Dashlane, LastPass, or RoboForm, there’s an easier way to import your data.

Comma-separated values (CSV) files are plaintext files that you can use to import information into 1Password. Each line in a CSV file contains several fields separated by commas. The first line can be a list of the field names.

  • Each CSV file must only contain one of the supported item types: Logins, Credit Cards, Software Licenses, or Secure Notes.
  • Each line in a CSV file will create one item in 1Password.
  • Each line must have the same number of fields, even if one or more of them are empty.
  • If a value contains commas, line breaks, or other punctuation, enclose it in quotation marks.

For example, to import three Login items, create a CSV file that includes one line for each item:


To preview and test a working CSV file, download the sample CSV file:


Import in 1Password 7 for Mac

Before you export your data from your old password manager, temporarily turn off any backup software you may be using, so the unencrypted export file isn’t backed up.

After you export your data:

  1. Open and unlock 1Password 7.
  2. From the File menu, choose Import.
  3. Click Other on the import screen.
  4. Click Import a CSV File and follow the onscreen instructions to import your data.


After you’ve imported your information into 1Password, delete the unencrypted CSV file, then turn on any backup software you turned off earlier.

Appendix: Item types

Login items

title,website,username,password,notes,custom field 1,custom field 2,custom field …


Custom fields are optional. They’ll appear in an “Other Fields” section.

Credit Card items

title,card number,expiry date (MM/YYYY),cardholder name,PIN,bank name,CVV,notes


VISA,1234 5678 9012,05/2018,Wendy Appleseed,1234,TD,123,Limit: $1000

Secure Note items

title,text of note


A Tale of Two Cities,"It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times"

If the note contains commas, line breaks, or other punctuation, enclose it in quotation marks.

Software License items

title,version,license key,your name,your email,company,download link,software publisher,publisher's website,retail price,support email,purchase date,order number,notes


1Password,4,ABCD-123-4567,Wendy Appleseed,,,,AgileBits,,$49.99,,,,Awesome app!