Move your data from LastPass on

You can transfer your passwords, Secure Notes, and other items from LastPass using the importer on

If you don’t want to use the 1Password desktop app to import your data, you can upload a CSV export instead. When you import from LastPass on

  • Your LastPass passwords will become Login items.
  • Secure Notes will become different items depending on their type, like Bank Accounts, Driver Licenses, or Secure Notes.
  • Other items, like SSH Key, Insurance Policy, or Instant Messenger Account, will become Secure Notes.
  • Folders will be converted to tags.
  • Form Fills, one-time passwords, and attachments won’t be imported.

Step 1: Export your data from LastPass


Before you export your data from LastPass, temporarily turn off any backup software you may be using, so the unencrypted export file isn’t backed up.

To export your data from LastPass, follow these steps on your computer:

  1. Open your browser and sign in to your account on
  2. Click Advanced Options in the sidebar, then choose Export. LastPass will send you an email.
  3. In the email you receive from LastPass, click Continue export.
  4. Return to your account on
  5. Click Advanced Options, choose Export, and enter your LastPass password.

The CSV file will be saved to your computer. Attachments aren’t included in the export.

Step 2: Import your data into 1Password

To import your data on

  1. Open your browser and sign in to your account on
  2. Click your name in the top right and choose Import.
  3. Click LastPass.
  4. Choose the vault you want to import your data into. If you’re importing personal data, choose the Personal or Private vault.

    To only import personal items, turn off “Import items in shared folders”.

  5. Click inside the dotted rectangle to open a file browser. Browse to your downloads folder and select the CSV file you created earlier.
  6. Click Import, then click Show Imported Items.

If you want to change anything about the import, like importing the data into a different vault, click Undo Import and start again.

If you have attachments you want to import, download them from LastPass, then attach them to the items they were previously associated with.


After you’ve imported your information into 1Password, delete the unencrypted CSV file, then turn on any backup software you turned off earlier.

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