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Create, share, and manage vaults in your team

Learn how to create new vaults to organize your team’s information and give people access to the items they need.

Create vaults to share items with other people on your team. You can also manage the access each person has in each vault. Sign in to your account on to get started.

Create a vault

To create a vault, click New Vault on your Home page, and give your vault a name. You can also give a description and an icon.

Administrators on your team can manage your vault by default. If you disable this option, only team owners will have access to your vault.

When you’re done, click Create Vault.

Your new vault will appear on all your devices. Learn how to move or copy items into it to keep things organized.

Share a vault

Before you can share with anyone, you’ll need to invite people to your team. Then you can use additional vaults you’ve created to share with them. To share a vault:

  1. Click Manage on the vault to view the vault’s details.
  2. Click Manage in the People or Groups sections.
  3. Select or deselect the team members or groups, then click Done.

Now everyone you’ve shared the vault with can view and edit items in it.

Select or deselect the people you want to share the vault with

Manage access

To change someone’s access to a vault:

  1. Click Vaults in the sidebar.
  2. Click the name of the vault you want to manage.
  3. Click to the right of the person’s name.

You’ll see different permissions, depending on your plan.

1Password Teams

1Password Teams includes three permissions:

  • Allow Viewing: view, print, and copy items in the vault
  • Allow Editing: create, edit, move, and delete items in the vault
  • Allow Managing: grant and revoke access to the vault, change permissions for others, and delete the vault

1Password Business

1Password Business includes four permissions:

  • Edit items
  • Create items
  • Move items to trash
  • Empty trash

Client settings provide additional control:

  • Show vault: view the items in the vault
  • Reveal passwords: see concealed passwords and copy them to the clipboard
  • View item history: view and restore previous versions of items in the vault
  • Import items: move or copy items into the vault
  • Export items: move or copy items out of the vault
  • Share items: move or copy items between vaults
  • Print items: print the contents of items in the vault

Manage vault allows a team member to grant and revoke access to the vault, change permissions for others, and delete the vault.

Edit a vault

To change a vault’s name or description, click Edit. Enter a new name or description, then click Save.

To permanently remove a vault and all its items from your team, click Delete Vault.

When you delete a shared vault, it will also be removed from the devices of everyone you were sharing it with. Private vaults can’t be renamed or deleted.

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