Security and privacy

About Autofill security in 1Password for Android

Learn how 1Password protects your data when you use Autofill on your Android device.

When you turn on Autofill on your Android device, you can fill and save passwords without opening the 1Password app. Because you can fill and save your items so easily, you can use generated passwords for more apps and services than you otherwise might have, which means you can be more secure in more places.

Your secrets are safe in 1Password

1Password safely encrypts all your information. With Autofill, no item details are stored outside 1Password.

If you turn on Autofill previews, you can preview logins for a website or app without unlocking 1Password. To suggest logins, 1Password needs to store the account identifiers, vault identifiers, item UUIDs, domain names, and app identifiers in plain text. It also stores encrypted item titles and usernames, which it only decrypts to provide a preview. This metadata is stored in the 1Password app sandbox on your device, and no other apps can access it.

Your Master Password still protects your data

Using Autofill with 1Password does not bypass your Master Password or undermine the security of 1Password. Your data is encrypted with your Master Password, and that remains true even with Autofill turned on.

You are always in control

Autofill previews are turned off by default. To turn them on, go to Settings > Autofill.

To sign in to an account using Autofill or Autofill previews, you must unlock 1Password and choose an item. As always, 1Password will only fill your credentials after you choose to fill them.

Protect yourself when using Autofill

If you turn on Autofill previews, guard your device passcode closely. Anyone who knows it can find out which websites and apps you have logins for, including your usernames for those logins.

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