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Add and remove team members

Learn how to invite people to your team, and suspend or delete their accounts.


If you use 1Password Business, you can connect 1Password SCIM Bridge and an identity provider to invite and suspend team members automatically.

Learn how to automate provisioning in 1Password Business using SCIM.

After you’ve created your account, you can add and remove team members at any time.

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Add team members

To invite people to your team, click Invitations in the sidebar. You can invite people by email address. If you have 1Password Teams or 1Password Business, you can invite people with a sign-up link or the 1Password Slack app. After each account is set up, you can confirm them on the same page.

The 1Password Teams Starter Pack only supports email invitations.

Invite people by email address

To invite people, click Invite by Email, enter their email addresses, and click Invite.

Email invitations expire after 5 days. You can resend an invitation at any time.

To invite lots of people at the same time, share your sign-up link in a group chat or email to everyone you want to invite. To see your link, enter the allowed domains for your team, then click Save domains.

Click beside your link to copy it. Anyone with an email address under your allowed domains can follow a sign-up link to create their account.

Your sign-up link won’t expire unless it’s revoked. To revoke your sign-up link and get a new one, click Regenerate link.

Invite people in Slack

If you’ve set up the 1Password Slack app and your workspace has fewer than 1000 people, you can invite them in Slack. 1Password will send a direct message to invite each person who hasn’t already joined your team.

To invite everyone in your Slack workspace, click Invite Everyone. To invite people one by one, by channel, or by group, click Choose People to Invite.

Slack invitations expire after 5 days.

Learn more about 1Password subscription billing when you add a team member to your account.

Remove team members

To remove people from your team, click People in the sidebar. You can suspend accounts temporarily or remove them permanently. Learn more about offboarding a team member.

Suspend an account temporarily

To temporarily revoke someone’s access to vaults and items, suspend their account:

  1. Click the name of the person you want to suspend.
  2. On their details page, click More Actions and choose Suspend.

To reactivate their account, click Reactivate on their details page.

When you suspend or delete a team member, their data will be removed from the app and device only if they are connected to the internet and 1Password is unlocked. If the team member is offline when you suspend or delete their account, their items remain accessible until the next time they try to unlock 1Password while connected to the internet.

Click the name of a person, then click More Actions and choose Suspend or Delete

Remove an account permanently

To permanently revoke someone’s access to vaults and items, delete their account:

  1. Click the name of the person you want to remove.
  2. On their details page, click More Actions and choose Delete.

To add someone back to your team, invite them again as a new team member. Then give them access to the vaults they need and set any custom permissions they may require.

Learn more about 1Password subscription billing when you remove a team member from your account.

Get help

If you automate provisioning with 1Password SCIM Bridge, and you want to suspend a team member who isn’t managed by your identity provider, you can temporarily turn off provisioning and suspend them from 1Password:

  1. Visit the Integrations page for your SCIM bridge on
  2. Temporarily turn off Provisioning users and groups.
  3. Suspend the team member.
  4. Turn on Provisioning users and groups.

After you suspend the team member, make sure they’re not still in scope for provisioning with 1Password in your identity provider, which will prevent it overriding the manual action you took to suspend them. You can contact 1Password Business Support to help determine why they weren’t suspended automatically.

If you need to change a team member’s name, click People in the sidebar, then click their name and click Edit Details.

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