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Enforce 1Password account password requirements in 1Password Business

Learn how to enforce stricter account password requirements for your team.

With 1Password Business, you can enforce stricter 1Password account password requirements using a policy. Your new account password policy will apply to new team members when they set up their account and to existing team members when they update their account password.

You can change policies if you’re an owner, administrator, or part of a group with the Manage Settings permission.

The Authentication policy icon

To get started, sign in to your account on, click Policies in the sidebar, and choose Manage on the Authentication policy.


If a team member unlocks the 1Password apps with a different password, like the account password for their personal account, it’s possible that their work data will be protected by a weaker account password on that device.

Choose a policy

Click Use Policy below the policy you want to use:

Minimum requirements

  • At least 10 characters
  • Not a common password

Medium requirements

  • At least 12 characters
  • Not a common password

Strict requirements

  • At least 14 characters
  • Not a common password

Make your own policy

Click Custom Policy, then adjust the minimum length and select any additional requirements.

When you’re finished, click Save.

A custom account password policy with an adjustable minimum length and the option to require uppercase letters and symbols.

Get help

If you want existing team members to adhere to a new account password policy after you create it, you can recover their accounts.

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