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Get to know 1Password mini on your Mac

Learn how to use 1Password mini in 1Password 7 for Mac to find and edit items, fill in your browser and apps, and more.

1Password mini

The new 1Password mini puts all your information a keyboard shortcut away. It automatically detects the app or website you have open and suggests relevant logins and passwords to fill.

To open 1Password mini, click the 1Password icon in the menu bar or your browser’s toolbar. Or use the Option-Command-Backslash (\) keyboard shortcut. Learn more keyboard shortcuts.

Find and view items

1Password mini item details

To search in 1Password mini, start typing. Click an item to view its details. To clear the search, click Cancel search icon.

To browse items, click a category or tag in the sidebar. Click forwards arrow button next to an item to open it. To go back, click back arrow button Back.

To change vaults, click the vault menu and choose a vault from the list.

Fill details in your browser

Sign in to an account

Find the login item you want to fill. If you’re already viewing the website, 1Password mini will suggest it. Click it to fill your details.

Fill your credit card or address

To fill your credit card or address in a form, open 1Password mini, then click a credit card or identity item.

Use 1Password mini to sign in to websites

Use drag and drop to fill in apps

Use 1Password mini to fill in apps

To fill in an app, drag your login details to it. For example, drag your password to the password field in the app.

To keep your login details handy, click open in a separate window to open them in a separate window. You can close the window when you’re done.

Edit items

To edit an item, open it, and click Edit. When you edit an item you can:

  • update your username or other details
  • move the item to a different vault
  • add custom fields, tags, documents, or notes

When you’re done, click Save.

Edit items in 1Password mini

Lock 1Password

When you’re done using 1Password, you can lock it. Open 1Password mini, click Settings, and choose Lock. To unlock 1Password again, open 1Password mini and enter your Master Password.

Learn how to set 1Password to lock automatically.

Get help

If you don’t see the suggested item you’re looking for, switch to the vault that contains the item.

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