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Use the 1Password extension to save and fill passwords on your Mac or Windows PC

Learn how to save passwords and sign in to your online accounts on the web with the 1Password extension.

1Password makes it easy to save passwords and sign in to websites with a single click. Before you can use 1Password in your browser, make sure you’ve set up the 1Password app.

1Password is installed in your browser.

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Save passwords in 1Password

1Password can record your usernames and passwords when you sign in to sites, so you don’t have to remember them.

To save an account in 1Password, sign in to it on the web, and click Save Login when 1Password prompts you to save your username and password.

Your web browser might also ask to save your passwords. Because you're using 1Password, you don't need to save your passwords in your browser. Learn how to disable your browser's password manager.

Sign in to sites with 1Password

After you’ve saved a password for a site, 1Password can fill in your username and password for you. There are two different ways to do this.

From anywhere

1Password can take you directly to a site, fill in your username and password, and sign you in. Click the 1Password button in your browser, choose Logins, and select the site you want to visit.

On the sign-in page

You can also visit the sign-in page of any site, and then use the Command-Backslash (\) keyboard shortcut to fill in your username and password. On Windows, just press Ctrl + backslash (\) instead.

Sign up for new accounts with 1Password

Use 1Password to create a strong password whenever you sign up for a new account anywhere on the web.

When signing up for a new account, enter your registration details on the page, but leave the password field(s) blank. Then click the 1Password button in your browser, and click Password Generator in the sidebar. Adjust the settings for your new password, and click Fill. Your password will be filled into the password field(s) on the page.

With your new password filled into the page, complete the registration, and save the Login when 1Password prompts you.

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