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If you see an error when trying to sign in or create an account on

Get help when you’re having trouble creating an account or signing in to 1Password in your browser.

You may have trouble with 1Password in your browser if you’re using:

  • an outdated browser or operating system
  • a poor Wi-Fi or cellular connection
  • a VPN
  • a firewall, proxy server, antivirus, or other security software
  • a browser extension that changes content on websites, including ad blockers

What you should do

If you try to sign in or create an account on and you see one of these errors:

  • “Your account couldn’t be created”
  • “Couldn’t connect to 1Password”
  • “Update your browser to keep using 1Password”

Try the following steps:

  • Make sure your operating system is up to date and you’re using the latest version of a supported browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Brave. Then try again.
  • Restart your wireless router or connect to a more reliable network and try again.
  • Turn off your VPN and try again.
  • Add the 1Password ports and domains to your whitelist and try again.
  • Turn off all browser extensions and try again. To find out which extension is preventing you from using 1Password, turn on each one individually and try again. If you find an incompatible extension, share it with 1Password Support.

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If you still can’t create an account or sign in, contact 1Password Support.

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